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It goes without saying, an integral part of our job is making people happy. How? By not only resolving wildlife issues, but by offering the most advanced, safe, and humane options available. Our standards for professional wildlife removal in Richmond are actually higher than the state of Virginia requires.

But don’t just take our word for it – read what some of our (more than) satisfied clients have to say – then pick up the phone and put us to the test: (804) 729-9103.

Once again, your professionalism, honesty, and on time arrival has floored us, especially in this day and age of not seeing those qualities in most companies. We are going to be sure to recommend you to any of our friends and family members who are in need of your services. It is very comforting to know we only have Christmas decorations in our attic, and not squirrels and raccoons. Thanks again for your valued customer service, and I hope you have a good week ahead.

– Paul Moller

I had called other pest services and was either told “we don’t handle raccoons” or “call us when you catch him and we’ll come get him.” Everyone was helpful, patient with this panicked homeowner, and the problem is now resolved! I could not be happier with your service, especially considering how swamped you must be with work in mid-Spring. I expected the charges to be considerably higher, so thank you also for not taking advantage of people in a tight situation. I’m happy to write a testimonial anywhere that would be helpful. Thank you!

– Caroline Cook

just wanted to let you know that your employees Jordan and Humberto came in this morning, they did a good job, they were very informative , helpful and courteous. I am glad I contacted you.

– Usha Kotval

Thank you for the information and for coming by yesterday. All of my interactions with you and your team have been incredibly informative to the reality of our current bat squatters. After your removal of the bats from the attic pull down stair yesterday, we had our first night this week without hearing our friends upstairs.

– Keith Nelson

Your service was excellent; fast, thorough,effective, and informative–very professional. We highly recommend your service.

– Orion & Joan Holen

Very Nice, Good Job and Well Done, I see we chose the right company. Thank you and keep them coming

– Ron Eisele

Your guys that came out were great! Thank you.

– Andrea Baird

Very informative, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful.

– Jennifer Sandlin

Absolutely outstanding team. Highly professional and knowledgable. Excellent communication with the client. Highly recommend.

– Karen Johnston

Don’t just take our word for it, call us Toll-Free at (800) 813-1485 or Local Telephone (804) 729-9103 now to find out why our customers trust us with the health and safety of their families.

Call Us (804) 729-9103 or Email Us Here