Snake removal should be left to trained professionals, don’t risk a venomous snake bite.

Major Health & Safety Concerns

For the most part, snakes are typically harmless, despite the fact many people are afraid of them. In truth, they’re a valuable part of the eco-system around our homes because, like bats, they eat vermin and therefore play the part of rodent controller. Aside from the obvious danger of getting bitten, particularly if venomous, the only other negative aspect of seeing a snake in or around your property is that it’s a warning sign you might have an underlying rodent problem.

Thankfully, Virginia only has three venomous snakes, all of which belong to the species group called Pit Vipers:

They are typically found outside, usually in garden areas or woodpiles, throughout the state.

They are common in western Virginia’s more mountainous regions, although are sometimes found in a small area in the furthermost part of south-western Virginia, where they’re referred to as Canebrake Rattlesnakes.

(aka Cottonmouths) As their name implies, are usually spotted in wet areas and are found to the south and east of Petersburg.

To help determine if any of above venomous snakes are on your property, look safely for these physical attributes:

  • A deep indent/pit on each side of the dead, halfway between the eye and nostril (non-venomous snakes don’t have this pit).
  • Elliptical (egg-shaped) pupils, and in very bright light they form a near vertical line (harmless snakes’ pupils are perfectly round).
  • Scales, underneath the tail, that go all the way across in a single row (most non-poisonous snakes will have two rows of scales under the tail).
  • Large fangs in addition to teeth (non-venomous snakes don’t have fangs, only teeth).

Aside from the fright and pain associated with getting bitten, if it’s a non-poisonous snake, a full recovery can be made with basic medical care. However, if attacked by a venomous snake, immediate and professional medical attention should be sought. You’ll know if you’ve been bitten by a poisonous snake if your skin turns dark blue to black, swells up and you feel tingling and nausea. You won’t experience any of these symptoms if bitten by a harmless snake.

The Problem Signs.

Although snakes are usually seen outside, they can sometimes get inside your home or office. If you spot a snake, always do your best to stay calm.

  • Concealed areas: Snakes take refuge in concealed areas such as tall grass, woodpiles, gardens, and underneath porches and foundations.
  • Rodents and vermin: If you notice a lot of mice, rodents and other vermin around your home, take note that they’re ideal food for snakes – and may attract them to your property. Ensure you get rodents under control to reduce the risk of having a snake move in.

Removing Snakes.

They’re fast moving, cumbersome to handle, and potentially poisonous, so don’t attempt to trap and relocate a snake yourself. The risk of getting a venomous bite isn’t worth it. If you think you have a snake problem, follow these steps:

  1. Identify it.
    Only if safe, try to identify if the snake is harmless or from the Pit Viper group.
  2. Isolate it.
    Only if possible and safe to do so, isolate the snake from your pets and family. For instance, if it’s appeared in a room, you can shut the door or window.
  3. Call us immediately.
    Having a snake can be a frightening experience, so make sure to call and chat with our friendly wildlife control operators who can talk you through what to do next.

We’ll then dispatch one of our snake removal experts to your location and ensure the snake is safely trapped, then removed from your home or office.

Why choose us?

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After the snake is removed, we provide guidance on how to keep snake invasions from recurring. Our experts can help with other animal removal or advice on maintaining your property so it’s not a haven for snakes. Don’t chance a venomous snake bite, leave this tricky task to us and call our snake removal services in Richmond (804) 729-9103 today for more information about how we can help.

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