Odorless skunk trapping & removal is a task for professionals only.

Major Health & Safety Concerns

Skunks don’t have a great reputation for a reason – their ability to emit a foul smell – but that’s not the only reason you should be concerned if they decide to make your property their home. They pose a health risk to families and pets because they may be infected with distemper or rabies – a virus that attacks the nervous system, which can be deadly.

Skunks are capable of spreading the rabies disease to other skunks and wildlife, as well as infecting household pets and even humans. An infection occurs if a rabid skunk bites or scratches another animal or person; from there, the virus gets into the victim’s bloodstream and assaults the nervous system. With prompt medical attention, its affects can be reversed through vaccination.

Furthermore, skunks may be a nuisance by burrowing under porches, decks or building foundations, and damaging lawns, golf courses and vegetable gardens by digging holes. They’re nocturnal creatures, so you may not even know you have skunks invading your property unless you notice the tell-tale signs of their presence listed below.

The Problem Signs

The Striped Skunk is the biggest threat throughout Virginia, although its relative, the Eastern Spotted Skunk, can cause problems, too. Learn more about whether this member of the weasel family is your culprit:

  • Look for tracks: Skunks have five toes, with very well developed claws, so if you can clearly see tracks about 2 ½ inches long which fit that description, a skunk might be around. But note, it’s not always easy to discern their five toes in tracks.
  • Check down below: Skunks burrow underneath things like porches decks, garages, sheds and enter buildings through openings in the foundations. Look for signs of their presence in these areas.
  • Holes in the lawn: Being ground feeders, skunks will dig small 3- to 4-inch cone-shaped holes in the ground in search for insect grubs. Remember, other animals dig up lawns, too; so if you see this evidence it’s not totally indicative you have a skunk.
  • Inspect the chicken coup: Skunks won’t scale fences to get at poultry or their eggs  (skunks are actually poor climbers), but if they have access, they are capable of killing a fowl or two, but never many at one time. If eggs have been opened on one end, with edges crushed inward, it could be a skunk who did it.
  • Identify droppings: If ¼ to ½ inch in diameter and up to 2 inches long, this could be the droppings from a skunk, in particular if you notice undigested insect parts in them.
  • Unpleasant odors: Their strong foul smell can be a clear indication skunks are nearby; but be aware that the scent might be on another animal – you might be sniffing the unwilling recipient of their last spray, and not the skunk itself.

Removing Skunks

When you combine the potential health risks with the general nuisance problems they can create – having skunks removed safely from your property is very important. You shouldn’t attempt to remove a skunk yourself, as the harm they can cause and foul smell they can create, is not worth the risk. In order to undertake an odourless skunk exclusion:

  1. Identify them.
    Try to assess if you actually have a skunk family on your property and note where you think they may be burrowing.
  2. Don’t attempt to touch them.
    Skunks can kill poultry with their sharp claws, so just because they’re about the size of a cat doesn’t mean you should try to handle them. Remember, they can carry rabies, scratch or bite you, as well as spray you.
  3. Give us a quick call.
    Discuss the options for an odourless skunk control in Richmond and nearby areas with one of our friendly wildlife control operators. They’ll be able to talk you through any active issues you’re experiencing and line up a time to come help.

We’ll then come out and safely trap the skunk and remove it (and its family) without any hassle or foul smells.

Why choose us?

Because we care about your safety – as well as the animals – we consider all options for the best results. Our wildlife control operators are at the forefront of the industry by striving to learn the best techniques; it’s no wonder we’re one of the few Professional Skunk Removal and Management companies you can truly trust in the area.

After the skunks have been removed, we can ensure you don’t have the same problem again. What’s more, in order to minimize any accidental rabies infection, we can perform a hygienic clean-up of any contaminated areas where the skunks were living. Call us at (804) 729-9103 to find out how we help with skunk removal.

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