We make groundhog (or woodchuck) removal quick and easy.

Major Health & Safety Concerns

Also known as ‘woodchucks’, groundhogs aren’t generally known for posing serious health risks to humans. However, they do carry annoying parasites like ticks, which can infect people and other domestic animals.

The biggest problem with groundhogs comes as a result of their burrowing: costly safety hazards from damaged property.

Since they’re the type of animal that ‘tunnels’, they’ll dig underneath foundations, decks, garages, porches, sheds, cables, and other structures and outbuildings. This burrowing can cause significant electrical and structural problems to properties – as well as cause extensive damage to gardens and yards.

The Problem Signs.

Given that groundhogs are solitary animals and live mainly underground, you’ll need to be aware of the signs which signal their presence:

  • Holes to Deep Tunnels – Their burrow entrances are about 10- to 12-inches in diameter; and you’ll typically see two or three of these holes around your property.
  • Claw Marks on Trees – If you have fruit trees, look for signs of claw marks or gnawing. Groundhogs are excellent climbers.
  • Flower & Garden Damage – Woodchucks usually eat in the morning and afternoon, so take notice of when the damage to your vegetable patch or garden is happening. They’ll eat flowers and particularly like vegetables such as lettuce, peas, and alfalfa.

Removing Groundhogs (Woodchucks).

Although benign in appearance, their claws are sharp and remember, they’re wild animals; so don’t try to remove a groundhog by yourself. Follow these simple steps and to have the issue taken care of quickly:

  1. Recognize the animal.
    At about 2 to 3 feet in length, they’re furry creatures weighing around 12 – 14 pounds. Dark to light brown in colour with white specks throughout their coat, they have curved claws, short legs, and an elongated head with short ears.
  2. Identify their entrances.
    Make sure you do a thorough inspection of your grounds and property to locate all the burrow entrances. Remember, these can be located near property foundations, under decks, or in quiet, secluded sections of the area.
  3. Call us.
    Don’t chance developing an expensive electrical issue or foundational problem because of a groundhog. Give our informative wildlife control technicians a call and they’ll organize a time to come and resolve the problem.

Why choose us?

As leaders in our field, we thrive on our ability to quickly, safely, and humanely rid homeowners and businesses of problem woodchucks. Once removed, we’ll provide you with further information on how to best prevent another groundhog from moving onto your property and provide exclusion services if you desire.

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