Don’t wait to get help, problems with Canada geese can get out of hand.

Major Health & Safety Concerns

The Canada goose pest poses serious – and potentially fatal – health risks caused from E.coli and histoplasmosis contamination. The latter is a microscopic fungus (H. capsulatum) which thrives in the rich soil that develops as a result of accumulated bird droppings. If the fungal spores are disturbed and become airborne, those who breathe them in can become infected and possibly develop a lung disease.

In addition to their droppings becoming a slipping hazard, another safety concern for humans is the danger of being attacked. During nesting season, these geese are known to be very territorial and quite aggressive; which makes them a threat to your family, friends, employees and co-workers.

If you have a Canada geese pest issue, then taking care of the problem quickly should be at the forefront of your mind.

The Problem Signs.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re very aware that geese are your nuisance. But to ensure the waterfowl is actually a Canada goose, look for these signs:

  • Sounds – Listen out for their loud ‘honking’ and ‘cackles’, they sometimes ‘hiss’ too.
  • Droppings – Look for piles of droppings around your property. (Each Canada goose deposits 2 – 3 pounds of poop each day.)
  • Open areas & ponds, lakes and pools – Canada geese are attracted to water and open lawns for grazing.
  • Flocks – They often times fly in pairs, or when in larger flocks, fly in a “V” formation.

Removing Canada Geese.

Many people don’t realize that Federal and State Laws protect migratory Canada geese, so it’s important to seek professional advice for their safe removal. Some states can even enforce harsh penalties for killing or harassing the animals if you’re not permitted to do so, especially during nesting seasons. We can help obtain the proper Federal and State permits necessary for their removal and help you complete the final report once the work is completed. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Removal and round up.
  • Harassment and hazing.
  • Egg addling.
  • Treatment of feeding and foraging areas to prevent their loafing.

With that said, if you follow the steps below, we’ll ensure you’ll be rid of your Canada geese problem in accordance with the law:

  1. Recognize the species.
    Typically brown or gray (or a variation of both) in colour with a long black neck. They usually weigh around 20 pounds and have a distinguishing white patch under their beak/neck area.
  2. Don’t feed them.
    Geese can become domesticated very easily when people offer them food. One of the best ways for you to discourage these pests is to not feed them, and post signs on your property requesting visitors to do the same.
  3. Call us.
    Unless you’re permitted to do so, don’t chance ridding Canada geese from your property on your own. Contact us anytime and one of our helpful wildlife control technicians will assess your situation and offer a quick, safe and affordable solution. From there, we’ll then book a time to come to your property to assess the situation fully.

Why choose us?

Our decades of experience ensures that your Canada geese issue, or any other bird pest problem, will be handled safely, humanely and within the parameters of both the Federal and Virginia State laws. Once removed, we’ll explain the right steps to take to ensure they don’t return. We’re also able to assist in the very important process of cleaning-up their nesting areas.

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